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  • By Greg Hester

…Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America. She has written and illustrated 3 children’s books. The first is about penguins, the second is about seabirds and the most recent book is about dolphins and the ecosystem in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Far from Shore: Chronicles of an Open Ocean Voyage. She also recently collaborated on a Field…

What We Study

  • By Greg Hester

…Island Ground Frog Ecosystem Indicators Northern Fulmar Sooty Shearwater Wedge-tailed Shearwater Short-tailed Shearwater Black-footed Albatross Laysan Albatross Tristram’s Storm-petrel Ashy Storm-petrel Rhinoceros Auklets Cassin’s Auklets Western Gulls Pigeon Guillemots Pelagic Cormorants Brandt’s Cormorants Black Oystercatcher Adelie Penguin Pigeon Guillemots Wilson’s and Red-necked Phalarope Habitats California coastal chaparral Chile coastal matorral Valdivian forests Fernandezian forest Islands Atolls Open ocean Saline Lakes…