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Shearwaters: Rakiura Tïtï Restoration

  • By Greg Hester

Mitigation of the Command oil spill injury Restoration of Sooty Shearwater breeding colonies in New Zealand Prev Next Sooty Shearwaters or Taukihepa, Titi Islands Teteaweka Nuggets, Titi Islands SouthCoast Productions Underground shearwater nests Big South Cape / Taukihepa Monterey Bay, CA (photo: Karen Ward) Putahinu Nuggets Taukihepa, Titi Islands Background The Rakiura Tïtï Restoration Project sought to repair the injury…

Shearwaters: Taiaroa Head

  • By Greg Hester

Mainland Sooty Shearwater Colony Protection Overview photo of area of fencing of Shearwater colony. Otago Peninsula. This project will protect one of the last remaining mainland nesting sites for Sooty Shearwaters in New Zealand. The Trustees have selected this project to compensate for oil spill injuries from the Jacob Luckenbach vessel incurred during the birds impressive migration to California waters….

What We Study

  • By Greg Hester

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