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Pink-Footed Shearwater

  • By Greg Hester

…Presentation] Adams J., J. C. Mangel, J. Alfaro-Shigueto, P. Hodum, K. D. Hyrenbach, V. Colodro, P. Palavecino, M. Donoso, and J. H. Norris. Conservation implications of Pinkfooted Shearwater (Puffinus creatopus) movements and fishery interactions off South America assessed using multiple methods. 40th Annual Pacific Seabird Conference, Portland, OR 20-24 February 2013. [Spoken Presentation] Phillips, E., J. Zamon, J. Adams, K….

Juan Fernández Islands: Of Fences and Fardelas

  • By eggedit

…February 2, 2015 Jessie Beck checking Pinkfooted Shearwater burrows with a wireless infra-red camera called Pukamanu. I clamber up a steep slope of crumbly rock, sculpted over centuries by the wind into fantastic mini spires and castles. We are in the rain shadow section of Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile, and the landscape is a desert, with barren white and…

Following the Long Distance Traveler of Isla Mocha

  • By eggedit

…March 20, 2015 A Pinkfooted Shearwater outfitted with a GPS tag to record the locations of its foraging trips. This data will be used to assess at-sea threats for the birds, such as bycatch in fisheries. Photo by: Jonathan Felis. I check my watch once again. 5:15 AM. I stare into the pitch black, complete darkness of the forest…

Juan Fernández Islands: Isla Santa Clara Sin Conejos

  • By eggedit

…they competed with the Pink-foots for burrow space and often excluded them from their own homes. This trip, however, we didn’t see any rabbits, because the island is now rabbit-free! Santa Clara is home to 3 species of seabirds: Left to right an egg of a Pinkfooted Shearwater, a De Filippi’s Petrel, and potentially a White-bellied Storm-petrel. All were old,…


  • By Greg Hester

…rabbit and goat control programs, plus invasive plant control and erosion control plans. He has worked at Oikonos since 2013 on different projects including rodent and invasive incipient plant control programs and monitoring the reproductive success of the Pinkfooted Shearwater. Sara de Rodt Asistente de proyectos, Island Conservation San Juan Bautista, Archipiélago Juan Fernández, Chile Born and raised in Robinson…

Isla Mocha

  • By eggedit

…Conservation Concerns Isla Mocha is home to the largest breeding colonies of the Pinkfooted shearwater (Puffinus creatopus); approximately, 70% of the world’s population nest here. The island is also rich in other wildlife, including the endemic frog Eupsophus insularis, and terrestrial birds such as the endemic Chucao de la Mocha (Scelorchilus rubecula mochae) and the Churrín de la Mocha (Eugralla…

Community Projects

  • By eggedit

…Community-based conservation in Isla Mocha Mural painted by professional artist and children at local school, including drawings of local fauna, such as endemic Mocha frog (Eupsophus insularis), the Chucao (Scelorchilus rubecula mochae) and of course, the Pinkfooted Shearwater. As a central part of our long-term conservation program for the threatened Pinkfooted Shearwater (Puffinus creatopus), we have led community-based conservation…


  • By Greg Hester

…competitor abundance but not resources or habitat Vizentin-Bugoni, J., Sonne, J., Hodum, P., Hagen, E. and Cordeiro, J. 2017. Journal of Ornithology DOI 10.1007/s10336-017-1431-1     Effects of cattle exclusion on the vegetation at a Pinkfooted Shearwater (Ardenna creatopus) colony on Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile Carle R., Beck J., Colodro V., and Hodum P. 2016. Revista Chilena de Ornitología 22…

Juan Fernández Islands: El Principio

  • By M.H.

…seabirds. The islands are the sole breeding site globally for Juan Fernández Petrel, Stejneger’s Petrel, and a subspecies of White-bellied Storm-petrel. It is also a globally significant colony for Pinkfooted Shearwater (Fardela blanca), De Filippi’s Petrel, and the wider-spread, but rare and declining, Kermedec Petrel. These seabirds are all in the tubenose family of seabirds, smaller relatives of the albatrosses….

Juan Fernández Islands

  • By Greg Hester

…Juan Fernandez female firecrown feeding. Photo by Kevin D. Mack Vision Oikonos’s work in the Juan Fernández Archipelago focuses on conserving globally threatened species and ecosystems through long-term collaborations with local communities, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Projects Wildlife Protection: Juan Fernández Firecrown, Pinkfooted Shearwater, Másafuera Rayadito, Critically Endangered Petrels Restoration: Nesting habitat propogation, introduced mammal impacts, incipient…