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Marine Plastic Pollution

  • By Greg Hester

…Hyrenbach Washington Necropsy Lab – Located at University of Puget Sound’s Slater Museum of Natural History, led by Peter Hodum and Gary Shugart. Chile Islands Field Stations – Located at Robinson Crusoe in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago and Isla Mocha, led by Oikonos’ Chile Program.   Learn About Plastic Ingestion Peer-Reviewed Publications & Reports: Plastic ingestion by Tristram’s Storm-petrel (Oceanodroma…

Hawai‘i Lab

  • By Greg Hester

…of Pelagic Plastic Pollution Winged Ambassadors for Ocean Stewardship Wings and Fins Career Training Focal Species Wedge-tailed Shearwater Black-footed Albatross Laysan Albatross Tristram’s Storm-petrel Hawaiian Petrel Christmas Shearwaters Red-footed Bobby Partners State of Hawaii DOFAW HPU Pelagicos Lab \ U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service U.S. Geological Survey Check out what’s New at the Hawai’i Lab – click below    …

What We Study

  • By Greg Hester

Prev Next Endemic & Threatened Chile Species Másafuera Rayadito DeFilippi’s or Masatierra Petrel Juan Fernández Firecrown Pink-footed Shearwater Juan Fernández Petrel Stejneger’s Petrel Kermadec Petrel Mocha Island Ground Frog Ecosystem Indicators Northern Fulmar Sooty Shearwater Wedge-tailed Shearwater Short-tailed Shearwater Black-footed Albatross Laysan Albatross Tristram’s Storm-petrel Ashy Storm-petrel Rhinoceros Auklets Cassin’s Auklets Western Gulls Pigeon Guillemots Pelagic Cormorants Brandt’s Cormorants Black…