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Oikonos studies and protects imperiled ecosystems by engaging diverse communities through innovative scientific and artistic collaborations.

501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in U.S. & NGO in Chile

Annual Report

Read about Oikonos’ accomplishments. Thank you to all staff, donors, volunteers, partners and funders for contributing to the mission.

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What does Oikonos mean?

The name Oikonos is derived from Greek and Latin roots and is pronounced “oi·kô´·nôs.” The literal translation of “oikos” is home. The root “konos” is derived from the Latin “cognoscere,” which means to recognize, learn, inquire or examine. Hence we define Oikonos as ecosystem knowledge.

About the Egg

egg_webb_color_200Oikonos’ logo is an egg from a seabird related to the extinct Great Auk that is known as the Common Murre (pronounced MER). The squiggly pigments and color vary greatly. After one month, the chick breaks the shell, and hatches. Before the chick can fly, the father encourages it to jump into the sea and teaches it to dive for food and survive.
Watercolor by Sophie Webb

Our logo represents communities and ecosystems that are connected, interdependent, and changing.


  Oikonos Staff


Board, Associates, Staff, Advisors

Hawai’i Nest

On Oahu, Oikonos offices at Hawai‘i Pacific University at the Oceanic Institute, Waimanalo, HI

Mailing & Billing:
P.O. Box 1918
Kailua, HI 96734 USA
Phone: +1 (808) 228-4463

California Nest

In Santa Cruz, Oikonos works in the Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center and our shared office in midtown.

P.O. Box 2570, Santa Cruz, CA 95063
Phone: +1 (831) 515-8558

Chile Nest

Oikonos staff works from three nests: Juan Fernández Islands, Isla Mocha, Valparaíso and Santiago.

San Juan Bautista
Isla Robinson Crusoe
V Region Chile
RUT 65.099.509-0

Isla Mocha Oikonos Eggs

Oikonos team on Isla Mocha: Miguel, Gonzalo, Veronica, Tiare, Claudio, CONAF Park rangers: Jaime, Francisco

Santa Cruz team: Zeke, Emily, Erica, Calleri, Jessie, Vero, Ryan, Western Gull


Leadership Retreat in Moss Beach: Vale, Grant, Erin, Sol, Hannah, Aaron, Cristian, Chupa, Peter, Sophie, Daiya, Michelle, David