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Lo que estudiamos

  • By Greg Hester

Prev Next Especies endémicas y amenazadas de Chile Rayadito de Masafuera DeFilippi’s or Fardela Blanca de Masatierra Picaflor de Juan Fernández Fardela Blanca Fardela Blanca de Juan Fernández Fardela de Masafuera Fardela Negra de Juan Fernández Cetáceos Ballena jorobada Ballena azul Indicadores ecosistémicos Fulmar boreal Fardela Negra Fardela del Pacífico Fardela de Tasmania Albatros de pata negra Albatros de Laysan…

Juan Fernández Islands: Isla Santa Clara Sin Conejos

  • By eggedit

…chicks to sustain their population in face of the many challenges they encounter (habitat degradation, predation from invasive mammals, getting killed by fishing nets, and more). An adult and chick De Filippi’s Petrel (Pterodroma defilippiana, also called Masatierra Petrel). This seabird only breeds on Isla Santa Clara and a few rocky stacks in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, and also in…


  • By M.H.

…Stewardship Tools – Winged Ambassadors and Albatross Boluses Marine Conservation Career Training – Wings & Fins Learning about climate change – Antarctic Penguins Especies Endémicas & Amenazadas Másafuera Rayadito DeFilippi‘s or Masatierra Petrel Juan Fernández Firecrown Pink-footed Shearwater Juan Fernández Petrel Stejneger’s Petrel Kermadec Petrel Mocha Island Ground Frog Black-footed Albatross Ashy Storm-petrel Cassin’s Auklets   Terminado Proyectos ejecutados West…