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Juan Fernández Firecrown


The Juan Fernández hummingbird (Sephanoides fernandensis) is a bird that only inhabits Robinson Crusoe Island in Chile. This species is considered critically endangered by IUCN due to loss of habitat and invasive alien species, such as cats and rats.

The island where this hummingbird lives is considered a hot spot of biodiversity, where endemism in native vascular plants reaches 66%. Many of these plants depend on pollination by this hummingbird.

Males and females are very different, and formerly they were thought to be different species. The male has a deep red color with a characteristic orange crown, while the female has a green and white coloration, with metallic blue crown.

Since 2008, Oikonos monitors their nesting distribution and success in the sector of El Yunque Plazoleta. The entire nesting process is carried out by the female, who builds the nest, incubates the eggs and feeds the young until they leave the nest. Paola Gonzalez, a biologist who grew up on Robinson Crusoe, searches for nests thoroughly among the forest in cold and wet winter conditions from July to December.

To restore and protect critical habitat, our team controls invasive plants in the sites near the monitored nests. Since 2008, we have restored approximately 12 hectares of native forest essential for the survival of this hummingbird.


Corporación Nacional Forestal (CONAF)

Ministerio del Medio Ambiente (MMA)

Proyecto GEF de Especies Exóticas Invasoras, Chile

Island Conservation

American Bird Conservancy

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