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Oikonos Chile

Chile Team 2013

The Chile leadership includes Cristián Pérez, Vale Colodro, Christian López, Erin Hagen (partner at Island Conservation), Peter Hodum (Director), and Paola González (missing from photo).

For over a decade Oikonos has invested in Chile conservation, with teams in Santiago, Valparaíso, Isla Mocha and the Juan Fernández islands.

Learn about our priority issues and species in Chile


Oikonos’s work in Chile focuses on conserving globally threatened species and ecosystems through long-term collaborations with local communities, government agencies and non-profit organizations.  We are guided by the following outcomes:

  1.  having biodiversity and conservation targets incorporated into Chilean policy and planning processes.
  2. developing the Juan Fernández Islands as a hub of regional expertise in island conservation and restoration, including enhancing global recognition of the archipelago’s unique biodiversity and conservation values.
  3. establishing and maintaining successful and diverse collaborations amongst scientists, artists, educators, policy makers and local communities to advance conservation.
  4.  improving the conservation status of species of conservation concern.
  5. increasing the capacity for community-based conservation in Chile.

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Conservation & Restoration of Island Ecosystems

Isla Mocha
Juan Fernández Islands

Threatened Wildlife

Juan Fernández Firecrown
Másafuera Rayadito
DeFilippi’s or Masatierra Petrel
Pink-footed Shearwater
Juan Fernández Petrel
Stejneger’s Petrel
Kermadec Petrel

Migrating Fardela – Connecting the Americas

Pink-footed Shearwater


Chick taken out of its burrow for measurement. Photo: Daniela Guicking


Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge
Yerbas Buenas 498,
Valparaíso, Chile