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Pink-Footed Shearwater

  • By Greg Hester

…D. Hyrenbach, P. Hodum, and L. Reinalda. 2010. Anomalous Pink-footed Shearwater abundances in Oregon and Washington coastal waters: an ecosystem indicator in the northern California Current. First World Seabird Conference. Victoria, B.C., Canada Sept. 7–11 2010. [Spoken Presentation] Hodum, P. J., K. D. Hyrenbach, and J. Adams. Wintering habitat use patterns by threatened Pink-footed Shearwaters. Annual Pacific Seabird Conference 2010….

Shearwaters: Rakiura Tïtï Restoration

  • By Greg Hester

…in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 2009, Vol. 36: 203–210; 1175-8821 (Online); 0301-4223 (Print)/09/3603–0203 © The Royal Society of New Zealand 2009 Nevins, HM, J Adams, H Moller, J Newman, M Hester, and KD Hyrenbach. 2009. Forum: International and cross-cultural management in conservation of migratory species. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand: 39(4):1175-8899 (Online); 0303-6758. Newman,…

Whales and Shipping Lanes

  • By Greg Hester

…1989-1990 (Kieckhefer humpback whale data) and 2001-2008; 2010-2011 (Keiper data for blue and humpback whales). New 2012 Result Summary ( 2 M pdf) Results of humpback and blue whale habitat use patterns indicated greatest densities occurred near the continental shelf edge, along the inner side of the shelf edge and along the shelf slope, at Cordell Bank, and west, north…

Following the Long Distance Traveler of Isla Mocha

  • By eggedit

…areas, and hopefully, inform management action to reduce the risk of bycatch. There are estimated to be about 28,000 breeding pairs of Fardela Blancas in the world, so 1000 or more adults dying in bycatch each year is a serious issue. A fluffy Pink-footed Shearwater chick awaits a meal in its nest burrow. Pink-footed Shearwater pairs raise only one chick…

Penguin Science

  • By Greg Hester

…at Jean Pennycook, Educational Materials Producer, Science Education Specialist Grant Ballard, Lead Researcher, PRBO Conservation Science & Oikonos Katie Dugger, Lead Researcher, Oregon State University William Sladen, Advisor, Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University, Antarctic Penguin Research 1950–1970 Ian Gaffney, Multimedia Web Specialist Funders and Collaborators National Science Foundation – Informal Science Education (Award: 0610122) Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA Hawksglen…

Ocean Stewardship

  • By eggedit

…the Island of Kaua‘i Laysan albatross pairs nested in a private back yard and are being monitored by a live remote camera so their activities can be shared with the world! Kokua Hawaii Foundation resources are especially helpful to school groups and others interested in learning more about reducing single-use plastics on campus and at home. Algalita Marine…


…of Wildlife Diseases 53(4) DOI: 10.7589/2016-11-258 Spatial segregation of the endemic versus non-endemic hummingbird on Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile: the effect of competitor abundance but not resources or habitat Vizentin-Bugoni, J., Sonne, J., Hodum, P., Hagen, E. and Cordeiro, J. 2017. Journal of Ornithology DOI 10.1007/s10336-017-1431-1 2015-2016 Effects of cattle exclusion on the vegetation at a Pink-footed Shearwater (Ardenna creatopus)…


  • By M.H.

Your contributions are critical! Together with you and our partners, we are making meaningful progress towards protecting and restoring imperiled wildlife and habitats. Ways to Give Donate by Card or Electronic Check Online donation form – fast and secure Mail a Check Please provide your address if you would like a tax deduction letter. Make check payable to: OikonosMail to:…

Exploring Albatross Movements

  • By Greg Hester

…Far-Ranging Predators: Commuting Flights to Central California by Breeding Hawaiian Albatrosses K. David Hyrenbach, Carol Keiper, Sarah Allen, Dave J. Anderson, and David Ainley. 2006. Fisheries Oceanography 15 (2): 95-103. Applying Spatially-Explicit Measures for Albatross Conservation K. David Hyrenbach. 2008. In: De Roi, T., Jones, M., Fitter, J. (Eds). Albatross: their world, their ways. Firefly Books, Buffalo, NY. Pp. 118-120….

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  • By Greg Hester

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