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Pink-Footed Shearwater

  • By Greg Hester

… General seabird biology and conservation Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP) Pacific Seabird Group Articles on the project: Survivors, Nature’s Confluence blog on Pink-footed Shearwaters, Dec. 2015, by Dena Spatz   Partners Corporación Nacional Forestal (CONAF), Chile Island Conservation American Bird Conservancy Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) NOAA Office of International Affairs, U.S….

Following the Long Distance Traveler of Isla Mocha

  • By eggedit

…per year. Photo by: Jonathan Felis. I’m accompanied by colleagues Jonathan Felis of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Western Ecological Research Center, and Veronica Lopez of Oikonos’ Chile program. We are pulling a week of all-nighters together to carry out this GPS tagging project. The procedure seems like it should be relatively simple—tape a small GPS recorder (about 20…

Shearwaters: Rakiura Tïtï Restoration

  • By Greg Hester

…migratory birds as taonga (treasured species) which they call tïtï (pronounced “tee-tee”). The restoration team combines the traditional knowledge of Mäori environmental stewards, called Kaitiaki, with technical and scientific expertise of the New Zealand Department of Conservation, a University of Otago team of ecologists, and United States environmental education and seabird experts. Sooty Shearwaters are the most abundant seabird off…

Exploring Albatross Movements

  • By Greg Hester

…Action for Reducing the Incidental Catch of Seabirds in Longline Fisheries (NPOA-S), developed to address seabird bycatch under the auspices of the United Nations, states that NMFS and USFWS work together to reduce seabird mortalities. While effective bycatch mitigation methods have been implemented in some U.S. longline fisheries (Alaska, Hawaii, California), these efforts only cover part of the year-round marine…

Whales and Shipping Lanes

  • By Greg Hester

…Ocean Acoustics Laboratory John Calambokidis, Cascadia Research http://www.cascadiar Contact Carol A. Keiper Acknowledgements Pacific Life Foundation     Whale watching cruises (opportunistic data collected by Keiper) in cluded the following: Oceanic Society ( SF Bay Whale Watching ( Capt. Jim Roberts, Outer Limits Capt. Mick Menigoz, Superfish Humpback whales south of the Farallon Islands.(Photos: © John Calambokidis, Cascadia…

Juan Fernández Islands: Of Fences and Fardelas

  • By eggedit

…and head north, cross the waters of many countries on their way—Peru, Ecuador, several Central American countries, Mexico, and finally arrive on the west coast of the United States. They make the journey in order to forage in the highly productive waters of the California Current and heavily utilize areas from Baja, Mexico up to British Columbia, Canada. They can…

Penguin Science

  • By Greg Hester

…the recent warming trend. Back at school and at home students will witness and participate in actual scientific inquiry and become engaged in a way that goes well beyond their science textbooks. Main Project Website – Classroom Activities now online: People Lloyd Fales, DVD/Film Producer, Penguin Science lloyd at David Ainley, Lead Researcher, H.T. Harvey & Assoc. dainley…

Juan Fernández Islands: El Principio

  • By M.H.

…but also the United States, Mexico, and the many other countries whose waters they pass through on their migration. Jessie and Peter looking underground with a minature wireless infrared camera. With this tool biologists know if a seabird egg or chick is inside a burrow. This shearwater colony is Piedra Agujeriada inside a fence to prevent cattle from trampling nests…


  • By Greg Hester

…appreciate seabirds and nature. Cristián Pérez Board of Directors Santiago, Chile Cristián is an architect and urbanist (University of Chile, 2001) with postgraduate studies on design leadership at the University of Washington. He brings nearly 15 years of architectural design and sustainable urban planning experience in France, the United States and Chile. He has been involved in sustainable planning…

Education Tools & Resources

…ocean, bolus dissections, and the threat of plastic pollution to their survival. There also includes an extension packed for grades 9-12. This package features a detailed outline to guide teachers on how to lead each lesson. Popular curriculum has reached 327,600 students in 48 States & 38 Countries! Learn more about this package here. 2. Seabird Fallout Seabirds can become…