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Shearwaters: Rakiura Tïtï Restoration

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Mitigación del daño causado por el derrame de petróleo del buque Command Restauración de colonias de anidación de Fardelas Negras en Nueva Zelanda Prev Next Sooty Shearwaters or Taukihepa, Titi Islands Teteaweka Nuggets, Titi Islands SouthCoast Productions Underground shearwater nests Big South Cape / Taukihepa Monterey Bay, CA (photo: Karen Ward) Putahinu Nuggets Taukihepa, Titi Islands Antecedentes El objetivo del…

Juan Fernández Islands: Rescuing the Plants

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…is another group that is working on plant conservation in the islands. Their name can be roughly translated to mean “We must rescue Juan Fernández”. The group was formed in 2011 year by Chilean students with the goal of protecting the ecosystem of the Juan Fernández Islands and educating locals and continental Chileans about the island’s environmental issues. One of…

Juan Fernández Islands: Of Fences and Fardelas

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…it a moonscape appearance, is one of several major colonies of Pink-footed Shearwaters on the Juan Fernández Islands. Approximately 720 breeding pairs raise their chicks in Tierra Blanca, out of around 5,000 total pairs on Robinson Crusoe Island. The species only breeds on three islands worldwide—Robinson Crusoe and Isla Santa Clara, both in the Juan Fernández Islands, and Isla Mocha,…


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…Conservation Juan Fernández Islands, Chile Guillermo de Rodt, Técnico Superior Juan Fernández Islands, Chile Verónica Muñoz, Asistente Administrativo de Chile Chile Cabila Manriquez, Técnica Juan Fernández Islands, Chile Ilana Nimz, Bióloga & Coordenadora de Winged Ambassadors Honolulu, HI Flora Rojas, Asistente de Campo Juan Fernández Islands, Chile Tiare Varela, Supervisor de Proyecto Isla Mocha, Chile Wings and Fins Académicos de…

Juan Fernández Islands: El Principio

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…and naranjillo trees. Perhaps the most charismatic of the unique species of the islands is the Juan Fernández Firecrown—a bright red, feisty hummingbird found only on Robinson Crusoe island. There are only about 1,500 Firecrowns left, and they are highly dependent on the island’s unique native plants for their nectar source. The islands are also home to unique seabirds. The…

Juan Fernández Islands: Isla Santa Clara Sin Conejos

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…of Isla Robinson Crusoe, both in the Juan Fernández Archipelago of Chile. For the folks that live on the Juan Fernández Islands “endemic” is a household word. The islands here are replete with endemic plants, endemic birds, endemic tarantulas, and endemic algae. The archipelago’s ratio of endemic plant species to land area is one of the highest in the world—making…

What We Do

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…Fernández Islands, Chile Isla Mocha, Chile Rakiura South Cape Islands, New Zealand Shorebird Conservation, California Restauración del Hábitat Año Nuevo Island, California Taiaroa Head, New Zealand Juan Fernández Islands, Chile Rakiura South Cape Islands, New Zealand Investigación del Ecosistema BiOPs Network – Biological Indicators of Ocean Plastic Pollution Sustainable Fisheries and Seabird Bycatch in Chile, Alaska and Hawai‘i fisheries Black-footed…

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…Donnelly-Greenan, E., & Fitzgerald, S. 2018. Marine Ornithology, 46: 187–196. Plastic ingestion by Tristram’s Storm-petrel (Oceanodroma tristrami) chicks from French Frigate Shoals, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Youngren, S.M., Rapp, D.C., Hyrenbach, K.D. 2018. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 128: 369–378. doi:10.1016/j.marpolbul.2018.01.053 Prey switching and consumption by seabirds in the central California Current upwelling ecosystem: Implications for forage fish management Warzybok, P., Santora, J.A.,…

Juan Fernández Islands

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…EstadeS C. 2010. Ornithologia Neotropical 21(4):535-543. Las especies autóctonas que desaparecen hoy en Juan Fernández La Tercera, Chile, July 2013 Unique Wildlife on Robinson Crusoe Islands at Risk from Goats and Brambles Guardian, UK, 16 November 2009 Partners Corporación Nacional Forestal, CONAF Ministerio del Medio Ambiente Island Conservation American Bird Conservancy AvesChile, Unión de Ornitólogos de Chile The Hummingbird Society…