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Future Directions in Conservation Research on Petrels and Shearwaters.

Rodriguez, A., Arcos, J., Bretagnolle, V., Dias, M., Holmes, N., Louzao, M., Provencher, J., Raine, A., Ramirez, F., Rodriguez, B., Ronconi, R., Taylor, R., Bonnaud, E., Borrelle, S., Cortes, V., Descamps, S., Friesen, V., Genovart, M., Hedd, A., Hodum, P., Humphries, G., Corre, M., Lebarbenchon, C., Martin, R., Melvin, E., Montevecchi, W., Pinet, P., Pollet, I., Ramos, R., Russell, J., Ryan, P., Sanz-Aguilar, A., Spatz, D., Travers, M., Votier, S., Wanless, R., Woehler, E., Chiaradia, A. 2019. Frontiers in Marine Science 6(94)doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00094


Felis, J., Adams, J., Hodum, P., González, A., Carle, R., Colodro, V. 2019. Endangered Species Research 39: 269-282.

Overlap of Pink-footed Shearwaters and central Chilean purse-seine fisheries:
Implications for bycatch risk.

Carle, R., Felis, J., Vega, R., Beck, J., Adams, J., Lopez, V., Hodum, P., González, A., Colodro, V., Varela, T. 2019. The Condor: Ornithological Applications.Chemical control of the invasive non-native shrub murtilla Ungi molinae in mountain scrub on Robinson Crusoe island, Juan Fernandez Archipelago, Chile.

Gutiérrez-Guzmán, H., Ziller, S.R., and M. de S. Dechoum. 2019. Conservation Evidence 16: 27-32.

Broader foraging range of ancient short-tailed albatross populations into California coastal waters based on bulk tissue and amino acid isotope analysis.

Vokhshoori, N.L., M.D. McCarthy, P.W. Collins, M.A. Etnier, T. Rick, M. Eda, J. Beck, and S.D. Newsome.  2019. Marine Ecological Progress Series 610: 1-13.

Trophic declines and decadal-scale foraging segregation in three pelagic seabirds

Morra, K.C., Chikaraishi, Y., Gandhi, H., James, H.F., Rossman, S., Wiley, A.E., Raine, A.F., Beck, J., & P.H. Ostrom. 2019. Oecologia 189: 395-406.

Diving behavior of Pink-footed Shearwaters Ardenna creatopus rearing chicks on Isla Mocha, Chile

Adams, J., Felis, J.J., Czapanskiy, M., Carle, R.D., & Hodum, P.J. 2019. Marine Ornithology 47: 17-24

Demographics of Laysan Phoebastria Immutabilis and Black-footed P. Nigripes
Albatross caught as bycatch in Alaskan groundfish and Hawaiian longline fisheries.

Nevins, H.M., Beck, J., Michael, P.E., Hester, M., Peschon, J., Donnelly-Greenan, E., & Fitzgerald, S. 2018. Marine Ornithology, 46: 187–196.

Plastic ingestion by Tristram’s Storm-petrel (Oceanodroma tristrami) chicks from French Frigate Shoals, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Youngren, S.M., Rapp, D.C., Hyrenbach, K.D. 2018. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 128: 369–378. doi:10.1016/j.marpolbul.2018.01.053

Prey switching and consumption by seabirds in the central California Current upwelling ecosystem: Implications for forage fish management

Warzybok, P., Santora, J.A., Ainley, D.G., Bradley, R.W., Field, J.C., Capitolo, P.J., Carle, R.D., Elliot, M., Beck, J.N., McChesney, G.J., Hester, M.M., Jahncke, J. 2018. Journal of Marine Systems, 185: 25–39. doi:10.1016/j.jmarsys.2018.04.009

First Quantification of Plastic Ingestion by Short-Tailed Albatross Phoebastria Albatrus

Donnelly-Greenan, E., Hyrenbach, D., Beck, J., Fitzgerald, S., Nevins, H., & Hester, M. 2018. Marine Ornithology, 46: 79–84.

Investigation of a Largescale Common Murre (Uria aalge) Mortality Event in California in 2015

Gibble, C., Duerr, R., Bodenstein, B., Lindquist, K., Lindsey, J., Beck, J., Henkel, L., Roletto, J., Harvey, J., Kudela, R. 2018. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 54(3) doi:10.7589/2017-07-179

Ecosystem-based management affecting Brandt’s Cormorant resources and populations in the central California Current region

Ainely, D.G., Santora, J.A., Capitolo, P.J., Field, J.C., Beck, J.N., Carle, R.D., Donnelly-Greenan, E., McChesney, G.J., Elliot, M., Bradley, R.W., Lindquist, K., nelson, P., Roletto. J., Warzybok, P., Hester, M., Jahncke, J. 2018. Biological Conservation, 217: 407-418.

Saving and restoring the native flora of Robinson Crusoe island at Archipiélago Juan Fernández National Park: progress and projections

Sáez, F., San Martín, V.L., Meza, J., Leiva, I., France, A., Barra, L., Baeriswy, F., Silva, C., Hodum, P., & Edgington, S. 2017. Biodiversidata, 5

Compilation of data gathered through the monitoring program of the Pinkfooted shearwater (Ardenna creatopus) in Isla Mocha National Reserve, 2010-2016

Reyes-Cabrera, G., Colodro, V., Herrera, J., Astete, F., Varela, T., Millalén, B., Gajardo, A., López, V., & Hodum, P. 2017. Biodiversidata, 5

colonyPlastic ingestion by Black-footed Albatross Phoebastria nigripes from Kure Atoll, Hawai`i: Linking chick diet remains and parental at-sea foraging distributions

Hyrenbach, K.D., Hester, M.M., Adams, J., Titmus, A.J., Michael, P., Wahl, T., Chang, C., Marie, A., Vanderlip, C. 2017. Marine Ornithology, 45: 225-236.

Community-wide patterns of plastic ingestion in seabirds breeding at French Frigate Shoals, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

Rapp, D.C, Youngren, S.M., Hartzell, P., Hyrenbach, K.D. 2017. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 123: 269-278. doi:10.1016/j.marpolbul.2017.08.047

Seabird mortality induced by land-based artificial lights

Rodríguez, A., Holmes, N. D., Ryan, P. G., Wilson, K.-J., Faulquier, L., Murillo, Y., Raine, A. F., Penniman, J. F., Neves, V., Rodríguez, B., Negro, J. J., Chiaradia, A., Dann, P., Anderson, T., Metzger, B., Shirai, M., Deppe, L., Wheeler, J., Hodum, P., Gouveia, C., Carmo, V., Carreira, G. P., Delgado-Alburqueque, L., Guerra-Correa, C., Couzi, F.-X., Travers, M. and Corre, M. L. 2017. Conservation Biology 31: 986–1001. doi:10.1111/cobi.12900

peco headshotDepredation by Common Ravens Corvus corax negatively affects Pelagic Cormorant Phalacrocorax pelagicus reproduction in central California

Carle, R.D., Calleri, D.M., Beck, J.N., Halbert, P. & Hester, M.M. 2017. Marine Ornithology 45: 149-157.

Mass Mortality Attributed to Acanthocephaliasis at a Gull-Billed Tern (Gelochelidon nilotica) Colony in Coastal California

Patton, R.T., Goodenough, K.S., De La Cruz, S.E.W., Nevins, H., Cole, R., Bodenstein, B., Shearn-Bochsler, V., Collins, B., Beck, J., Sadowski, M., Takekawa, J.Y. 2017. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 53(4) DOI: 10.7589/2016-11-258

juanfernandez_firecrown-feeding-3-e1383699779504Spatial segregation of the endemic versus non-endemic hummingbird on Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile: the effect of competitor abundance but not resources or habitat

Vizentin-Bugoni, J., Sonne, J., Hodum, P., Hagen, E. and Cordeiro, J. 2017. Journal of Ornithology DOI 10.1007/s10336-017-1431-1

jessie-at-piedra-vegetation-surveyEffects of cattle exclusion on the vegetation at a Pink-footed Shearwater (Ardenna creatopus) colony on Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile

Carle R., Beck J., Colodro V., and Hodum P. 2016. Revista Chilena de Ornitología 22 (2): 184-193.

Prey and Plastic Ingestion of Pacific Northern Fulmars (Fulmarus glacialis rogersii) from Monterey Bay, California

Donnelly E., Harvey J., Nevins H., Hester M., Walker W. 2014. Marine Pollution Bulletin 85(1):214–224.

rhau prey salmonTemporal and Sex-Specific Variability in Rhinoceros Auklet Diet in the Central California Current System

Carle R., Beck J., Calleri D., and Hester M. 2015. Journal of Marine Systems 146:99-108.

Overlap of North Pacific Albatrosses with the U.S. West Coast Groundfish and Shrimp Fisheries

Guy T., Jennings S., Suryan R., Melvin E., Bellman M., Balance L., Blackie B., Croll D., Deguchi T., Geernaert T., Henry R., Hester M., Hyrenbach D., Jahncke J., Kappesf M., Ozaki K., Roletto J., Sato F., Sydeman W., Zamon J. 2013. Fisheries Research (147):222-234.

Winged_Ambassadors_bird_drawing_greg_hester Ambassadors: Ocean Literacy Through the Eyes of Albatross

Marrero M., Hester M., Hyrenbach D., Michael P., Adams J., Keiper C., Stock J., Collins A., Vanderlip C., Alvarez T., Webb S. 2013. Current: The Journal of Marine Education 28(2):26-30.

First Evidence of Plastic Ingestion by White-Tailed Tropicbirds from O’ahu, Hawai’i

Hyrenbach D., Hester M., Johnson J., Lyday S., Bingham S., Pawloski J. 2013. Marine Ornithology(41):167–169.

Nest site use in sympatric petrels of the Juan Fernández Archipelago, Chile: Juan Fernández petrel (Pterodroma externa) and Stejneger’s petrel (Pterodroma longirostris)

Reyes, R., P.J. Hodum and R.P. Schlatter. 2012. Ornitología Neotropical 23 (1), 73–82.

The Nest Predator Assemblage for Songbirds in Mono Lake Basin Riparian Habitats

Latif Q., Heath S., Ballard G. 2012. Western North American Naturalist (72):276.

Effects of Parents and Brown-Headed Cowbirds (Molothrusater) on Nest Predation Risk for a Songbird

Latif Q., Heath S., Rotenberry J. 2012. Ecology and Evolution 2(12):3079–3097.

Seabird Islands Ecology Invasion Restoration

Social Dimension – Public Involvement in Seabird Island Restoration

Jones H.P., Aguirre-Munoz A., Kress S.W., Hodum P.J., Burbidge A.A., Saunders A. 2011. In Seabird Islands: Ecology, Invasion, and Restoration. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-973569-3.

Albatross and Giant-Petrel Distribution Across the World’s Tuna and Swordfish Fisheries

Alderman R., Anderson D., Arata J., Catry P., Cuthbert R., Deppe L., Elliot G., Gales R., Gonzales J., Granadeiro1 J., Hester M., Huin N., Hyrenbach D., Layton K., Nicholls D., Ozak K., Peterson S., Phillips R., Quintana F., Balogh G., Robertson C., Robertson G., Sagar P., Sato F., Shaffer S., Small C., Stahl J., Suryan R., Taylor P., Thompson D., Walker K., Wanless R., Waugh S., Weimerskirch H. 2011. The Third Joint Tuna RFMOs Meeting; La Jolla.

The Ecotoxicology of Marine Debris

Brander S., Fontana R., Mata T., Gravem S., Hettinger A., Bean J., Szoboszlai A., Keiper C., Marrero M. 2011. The American Biology Teacher 73(8):474-478.

The Rakiura Tītī Islands Restoration Project: Community Action to Eradicate Rattus rattus and Rattus exulans for Ecological Restoration and Cultural Wellbeing

McClelland J., Coote R., Trow M., Hutchins P., Nevins H., Adams J., Newman J., Moller H. 2011. In Island Invasives:Eradication and Management. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland. Pages 451-454

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Factors Affecting Seabird Population Trends in the California Current System (1985-2006)

Ainley D., Hyrenbach D. 2010. Progress in Oceanography 84(3-4):242-254.

Aerial Arthropod Communities of Native and Invaded Forests, Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile

Hagen E., Bakker J., Gara R. 2010. Environmental Entomology 39(4):1159-1164.

Rayadito_Hodum photoOn the Ecology and Conservation of the Critically Endangered Másafuera Rayadito (Aphrastura masafuerae)

Tomasevic J., HodumCP., EstadeS C. 2010. Ornithologia Neotropical 21(4):535-543.

Seabird Bycatch in Alaska Demersal Longline Fishery Trials: A Demographic Study

Phillips E., Nevins H., Hatch S., Ramey A., Miller M., Harvey J. 2010. Marine Ornithology (38):111–117.

How Predation Risk Shapes Avian Nest Site Selection and Processes Underlying Nest Predation Patterns

Latif Q. 2009. UC Riverside Electronic Theses and Dissertations.

International and Cross-Cultural Management in Conservation of Migratory Species

Nevins H., Adams J., Moller H., Newman J., Hester M., Hyrenbach D. 2009. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 39(4):183–185; 1175-8899(Online); 0303-6758 (Print)/09/3904–0183.

marine debris in alaska coverSeabirds Indicate Plastic Pollution in the Marine Environment.

Hyrenbach D., Nevins H., Hester M., Keiper C., Webb S., Harvey J. 2009. Marine Debris in Alaska: Coordinating our Efforts. pp.57-61.

Use of National Marine Sanctuaries by Far-Ranging Predators: Commuting Flights to Central California by Breeding Hawaiian Albatrosses

Hyrenbach D., Keiper C., Allen S., Anderson D., Ainley D. 2006. Fisheries Oceanography 15(2):95-103.

At-Sea Distribution, Abundance and Habitat Affinities of Xantus’s Murrelets

Karnovsky N., Spear L., Carter H., Ainley D., Amey K., Ballance L., Briggs K., Ford R., Hunt G., Keiper C., Mason J., Morgan K., Pitman R., Tynan C. 2006. Marine Ornithology 33:89–104.

albatross their world their ways CoverApplying Spatially-Explicit Measures for Albatross Conservation

Hyrenbach D. 2008. In: De Roi, T., Jones, M., Fitter, J. (Eds). Albatross: their world, their ways. Firefly Books, Buffalo, NY. Pp. 118-120.

Seabirds as Indicators of Plastic Pollution in the North Pacific

Nevins H., Keiper C., Hyrenbach D., Stock J., Hester M., Harvey J. 2005. Rivers to Sea Conference Proceedings

Marine Mammal Occurrence and Ocean Climate off Central California, 1986 to 1994 and 1997 to 1999

Keiper C., Ainley D., Allen S., Harvey J. 2005. Marine Ecology Progress Series (289):285–306.

Distribution, Abundance, Habitat use and Behaviour of Three Procellaria Petrels off South America

Spear L., Ainley D., Webb S. 2005. Ornithological Society of New Zealand Notornis:88–105.

Pinniped Long Term Monitoring Program: San Francisco Bay Area Network of Parks

Hester M., Allen S., Adams D., Nevins H. 2005. Point Reyes National Seashore.

The Biogeographic Patterns of Seabirds in the Central California Portion of the California Current

Ford R., Ainley D., Casey J., Keiper C., Spear L., Ballance L. 2004. Marine Ornithology (32):77-96.

Reducing Biases Affecting At-Sea Surveys of Seabirds: Use of Multiple Observer Teams

Spear L., Ainley D., Hardesty B., Howell S., Webb S. 2004. Marine Ornithology (32):147–157.

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Guide to Stranded Dead Seabirds in Chile (PDF, 22MB)

With partners, we are pleased to provide this free updated guide for species identification and standardized data collection of seabirds found dead on beaches in Chile.

Año Nuevo State Park Seabird Conservation and Habitat Restoration 2018

. Coletta, J. Beck, R. Carle, and M. Hester. 2018. Año Nuevo State Park Seabird Conservation and Habitat Restoration: 2018. Unpublished Report to California Dept. of Parks and Recreation, Año Nuevo State Park.

Synthesis of Habitat Use by Black-footed Albatross tracked from Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary (2004 – 2008) and Kure Atoll Seabird Sanctuary (2008)

Hyrenbach D., Hester M., Adams J., Michael P., Vanderlip C., Keiper C., Carver M. 2012.

Conservation of the Pink-footed Shearwater Final Report 2016. Hodum, P., M. Flores, V. Colodro, V. López, H. Gutiérrez, R. Carle, T. Varela, and P. González (2016).  Unpublished report to American Bird Conservancy.

Conservation Implications of Pink-footed Shearwater Movements and Fishery Interactions Assessed Using Multiple Methods. Mangel, J.C., J. Adams, J. Alfaro-Shigueto, P. Hodum, K.D. Hyrenbach, V. Colodro, P. Palavecino, M. Donoso and J. Hardesty-Norris. 2012.  Unpublished technical report to American Bird Conservancy.

Biology and Conservation of the Juan Fernández Archipelago Seabird Community  2003 Report. Hodum, P., and M. Wainstein (2003). Unpublished report to Corporación Nacional Forestal (CONAF).