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Explore the different types of teaching resources below created for your classrooms in the U.S. and Chile!

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1. Winged Ambassadors

A free inquiry-based classroom activity package aligned to standards for grades 5 – 9 that highlights seabird biology on islands, the value of tracking seabirds in the ocean, bolus dissections, and the threat of plastic pollution to their survival. There also includes an extension packed for grades 9-12. This package features a detailed outline to guide teachers on how to lead each lesson.

Popular curriculum has reached 327,600 students in 48 States & 38 Countries!

Learn more about this package here.

2. Seabird Fallout

Seabirds can become distracted or disoriented by lighting structures such as street lights and fall from the sky. On the ground, the individual is vulnerable to a number of threats including ground predators and vehicular traffic. Use the short video below to explain seabird fallout to students can increase awareness as to why seabirds can be found on the ground in coastal areas, and what they can do to help.

3. Climate Change & Penguins

Oikonos and collaborators have put together a number of classroom lesson plans for teachers to effectively communicate climate change to their students using Antarctic penguins. Topics covered in these resources include:

Explore the numerous resources for your classroom here.

4. Wedge-tailed Shearwater Conservation Curriculum

Hawaii Audubon Society’s Freeman Seabird Preserve has created curricula to engage students in Wedge-tailed Shearwater conservation. These lesson plans cover shearwater conservation in the context of population dynamics, habitat restoration, and species protection. Additionally, the lessons:

  • Can be tailored to any grade level K-12
  • Satisfy Next Generation Science Standards for grades 6-8
  • Meet Common Core Standards for multiple subjects
  • Meet Hawaii’s Content & Performance Standards for Social Studies, Math, and Science for grades 6-8

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Download

Wedge-tailes shearwaters in Hawaii

Chile Resources in Spanish

1. Board Game | Juego de Mesa

Discover the board game below to engage your students with the native species of Chile.

Descargue este juego de mesa para enseñar a los estudiantes sobre las amenazas a la vida silvestre nativa en Chile.

2. The Mocha Frog Song | El Ranita de Mocha Canción

3. Guide to Identifying Stranded Seabirds on Beaches

Teach your students about marine animal stranding through this comprehensive guidebook. 

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