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We have been working in Chile for more than 16 years, specifically in the remote islands of Juan Fernandez Archipelago and Isla Mocha, where we lead diverse conservation programs for an array of species and their habitats, including the critically endangered Juan Fernandez Firecrown, the world’s only endemic oceanic island hummingbird and the Masafuera Rayadito, also an endemic and critically endangered terrestrial island bird. We have also led high quality research, habitat restoration, and community-based conservation efforts focused on the endemic and threatened seabird community of the Juan Fernandez Islands and Isla Mocha.

Our priority outcomes for our work in Chile are to:

  1. Improve the conservation status of species of concern
  2. Understand and reduce seabird bycatch in purse seine fisheries by facilitating mitigation action plans and engaging with local fishermen
  3. Enrich the regional expertise of the Juan Fernandez Islands’ community and promote global recognition of this archipelago’s unique biodiversity and conservation value
  4. Incorporate biodiversity and conservation in Chilean policy
  5. Increase the capacity for community-based conservation and
  6. Establish and maintain multidisciplinary collaborations among artists, scientists, educators, resource managers, and the local community.

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Where we work in Chile

Isla Mocha

Juan Fernández Islands

Chick taken out of its burrow for measurement. Photo: Daniela Guicking


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