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Following the Long Distance Traveler of Isla Mocha

  • By eggedit

…attached to the bird’s back feathers with 4 strips of extra-special, extra-tough German-made tape. We record various data points, take some measurements to determine sex, and release the bird into its nest burrow. Moments later we hear its chick begging for food. Time for a meal of regurgitated anchovy paste and oil, mmmm….. Ryan Carle of Oikonos and Jonathan Felis…


…of Wildlife Diseases 53(4) DOI: 10.7589/2016-11-258 Spatial segregation of the endemic versus non-endemic hummingbird on Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile: the effect of competitor abundance but not resources or habitat Vizentin-Bugoni, J., Sonne, J., Hodum, P., Hagen, E. and Cordeiro, J. 2017. Journal of Ornithology DOI 10.1007/s10336-017-1431-1 2015-2016 Effects of cattle exclusion on the vegetation at a Pink-footed Shearwater (Ardenna creatopus)…

Exploring Albatross Movements

  • By Greg Hester

…working groups to design and implement conservation strategies for Black-footed Albatross 3. Encourage stewardship of ocean ecosystems through the participation of students in albatross tracking and pollution studies Rationale Because Black-footed Albatross range across management zones and jurisdictions, they are susceptible to broadly-distributed threats in national waters and the high-seas. Thus, international collaboration is critical. The U.S. National Plan of…

Penguin Science

  • By Greg Hester

…the recent warming trend. Back at school and at home students will witness and participate in actual scientific inquiry and become engaged in a way that goes well beyond their science textbooks. Main Project Website – Classroom Activities now online: People Lloyd Fales, DVD/Film Producer, Penguin Science lloyd at David Ainley, Lead Researcher, H.T. Harvey & Assoc. dainley…

Protected: Publications 2019

  • By Greg Hester

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Marine Plastic Pollution

  • By Greg Hester

…M. 2018. Marine Ornithology, 46: 79–84. Plastic ingestion by Black-footed Albatross Phoebastria nigripes from Kure Atoll, Hawai`i: Linking chick diet remains and parental at-sea foraging distributions Hyrenbach, K.D., Hester, M.M., Adams, J., Titmus, A.J., Michael, P., Wahl, T., Chang, C., Marie, A., Vanderlip, C. 2017. Marine Ornithology, 45: 225-236. Community-wide patterns of plastic ingestion in seabirds breeding at French Frigate…

Hawai‘i Lab

  • By Greg Hester

…of Pelagic Plastic Pollution Winged Ambassadors for Ocean Stewardship Wings and Fins Career Training Focal Species Wedge-tailed Shearwater Black-footed Albatross Laysan Albatross Tristram’s Storm-petrel Hawaiian Petrel Christmas Shearwaters Red-footed Bobby Partners State of Hawaii DOFAW HPU Pelagicos Lab \ U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service U.S. Geological Survey Check out what’s New at the Hawai’i Lab – click below    …

Ocean Stewardship

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…To request boluses, Boluses are currently available in limited quantities for eligible educators. For further information on requesting boluses, or other inquiries about the Winged Ambassadors curriculum, please email Ilana Nimz at Submitting Your Bolus Data Starting in 2021, Oikonos encourages bolus users submit data from their class dissection activity to our new web portal: The goal of…