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Oikonos Chile

  • By Greg Hester

Learn about our projects in Chile We have been working in Chile for more than 16 years, specifically in the remote islands of Juan Fernandez Archipelago and Isla Mocha, where we lead diverse conservation programs for an array of species and their habitats, including the critically endangered Juan Fernandez Firecrown, the world’s only endemic oceanic island hummingbird and the Masafuera…

Marine Plastic Pollution

  • By Greg Hester

…in addition to the Center of Marine Debris Research, co-led by David Hyrenbach. Washington Necropsy Lab – Located at University of Puget Sound’s Slater Museum of Natural History, led by Peter Hodum and Gary Shugart. Chile Islands Field Stations – Located at Robinson Crusoe in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago and Isla Mocha, led by Oikonos’ Chile Program. Learn About Plastic…

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  • By Greg Hester

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  • By Greg Hester

Prev Next Sooty Shearwaters or Taukihepa, Titi Islands Teteaweka Nuggets, Titi Islands SouthCoast Productions Underground shearwater nests Big South Cape / Taukihepa Monterey Bay, CA (photo: Karen Ward) Putahinu Nuggets Taukihepa, Titi Islands                 English page Typing this in English page Text here to edit.        …

Wings & Fins

  • By M.H.

…Año Nuevo State Park, California; Mentor: Jessie Beck Madison Masek, Independent Research, Marine Biology Senior, HPU 2016 Project: Hawaiian Seabird Prey and Plastic Pollution Studies Sponsor: State of HI, USFWS; Mentor: David Hyrenbach Kjersti Johnson, Marine Science MS Candidate, HPU 2016 Project: Seabird Plastic Ingestion in Paradise – food web pollution in the Main Hawaiian Islands Sponsors: HPU and State…

Determining Sources of Northern Fulmar Bycatch in U.S. North Pacific Groundfish and Halibut Fisheries

  • By eggedit

…for research and conservation purposes. Although these fisheries have greatly reduced seabird bycatch, Northern Fulmars are frequently caught in these fisheries, with an average of 4,110 birds caught annually (2007-2017). This species, which has a circumboreal distribution and breeds on remote islands in Alaska, numbers ~1.5 million birds in the region. Through our partnership with AFSC, we have examined thousands…

Seabird Bycatch Investigations

  • By M.H.

Studies of Seabirds Accidentally Killed in the Alaska and Hawai‘i Fisheries Seabirds are examined in Santa Cruz, CA for health, diet, and plastic ingestion metrics. Seabird bycatch carcasses from fishery operations provide valuable sources of population-level information on demographics, distribution patterns, food habits, and pollution loads. In collaboration with NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center and the Pacific Islands Regional Office,…

Ocean Stewardship

  • By eggedit

…work and dedication of volunteer biologists, we are able to provide a hands-on learning tool for students. Currently field biologists are collecting boluses from two albatross breeding colonies in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, Kure and Midway Atolls. When available, we can provide 5 boluses for dissection in the classroom. We have also created a “virtual bolus dissection” using detailed professional…

Whales and Shipping Lanes

  • By Greg Hester

…and south of the Farallon Islands. Desities were also high on the continental shelf in the Gulf of the Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries. The observations made during whale watching cruises and other studies exhibited a similar pattern. Results of San Francisco approach vessel traffic patterns during Aug-Oct 2009-2010 indicated the greatest numbers of vessels were cargo ships…

About Us

…Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center and our shared office in midtown. Mailing: P.O. Box 2570, Santa Cruz, CA 95063 Phone: +1 (831) 515-8558 Chile Nest Oikonos staff works from three nests: Juan Fernández Islands, Isla Mocha, Valparaíso and Santiago. Oikonos San Juan Bautista Isla Robinson Crusoe V Region Chile RUT 65.099.509-0 Oikonos leadership meeting at the Oahu, Hawaii headquarters….