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Penguin Science

Climate change education

Penguin Science is available on DVD, link to order.

Penguin Science is a tested educational media program that seeks to clarify the complex science of climate change so that thousands of students, teachers, and citizens will become better informed and actively engaged in the issue.

Integrating a classroom DVD, a broadcast film, a website, and other emerging media Penguin Science will present a compelling case study of how one familiar and beloved animal is coping with a sudden rise in temperature and what that may mean for polar environments and ultimately for the planet.

In Penguin Science, amid Antarctica’s spectacular Adélie penguin breeding colonies, leading researchers share their latest investigations into how the birds are responding to the recent warming trend. Back at school and at home students will witness and participate in actual scientific inquiry and become engaged in a way that goes well beyond their science textbooks.

Main Project Website – Classroom Activities now online:


  • Lloyd Fales, DVD/Film Producer, Penguin Science lloyd at
  • David Ainley, Lead Researcher, H.T. Harvey & Assoc. dainley at
  • Jean Pennycook, Educational Materials Producer, Science Education Specialist
  • Grant Ballard, Lead Researcher, PRBO Conservation Science & Oikonos
  • Katie Dugger, Lead Researcher, Oregon State University
  • William Sladen, Advisor, Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University,
  • Antarctic Penguin Research 1950–1970
  • Ian Gaffney, Multimedia Web Specialist

Funders and Collaborators