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Oikonos investigates conservation issues related to terrestrial and oceanic ecosystems, threatened species, and stressors on native wildlife. With over 60 peer-reviewed publications and numerous reports, the Oikonos Nest works to answer critical questions to protect and restore imperiled ecosystems.

Año Nuevo Island, California: Oikonos manages the seabird data time-series from this unique research station.


Annual Report

Read about Oikonos’ accomplishments. Together with you and all our partners, we are making meaningful progress towards protecting and restoring imperiled ecosystems.

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Peer-reviewed Publications

2020 – 2021:

Orben, R.A., Adams, J., Hester, M., Shaffer, S.A., Suryan, R., Deguchi, T., Ozaki, K., Sato, F., Young, L.C., Clatterbuck, C., Conners, M.G., Kroodsma, D.A., Torress, L.G. 2021. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Global political responsibility for the conservation of albatrosses and large petrels.

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Assessment of plastic ingestion by pole-caught pelagic predatory fish from O’ahu, Hawaii.

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Inter-annual variability in forage fish population size structure: Comparison of selectivity of traditional vs. non-traditional sampling devices.

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Seasonal variation of Pacific Northern Fulmar bycatch: Implications for age and sex-specific mortality.

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Geolocator tagging link distributions in the non-breeding season to population genetic structure in a sentinel North Pacific seabird.

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Genetic analysis of the diet of red-footed boobies (Sula sula) provisioning chicks at Ulupa’u Crater, Oahu.

Donahue, S., Adams, J., Renshaw, M., Hyrenbach, D. 2020. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems (2020): 1-16. DOI:

Alien Mammal Assemblage Effects on Burrow Occupancy and Hatching Success of the Vulnerable Pink-Footed Shearwater in Chile

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Assessing light pollution impacts on seabirds in Chile: Diagnosis and Proposal

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Cassin’s Auklet (Ptychoramphus aleuticus) Population Size, Reproduction, and Habitat Management on a Recently Colonized Island in California, USA.

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Direct In Vivo Evidence for Accumulation of Plastic Derived Chemicals in Seabird Tissue.

Tanaka, Kosuke and Watanuki, Yutaka and takada, Hideshige and Ishizuka, Mayumi and Yamashita, Rei and Kazama, Mami and Hiki, Nagako and Mizukawa, Kaoruko and Mizukawa, Hazuki and Hyrenbach, David and Hester, Michelle and Ikenaka, Yoshinori and Nakayama, Shouta M. M., 2019. Direct In Vivo Evidence for Accumulation of Plastic Derived Chemicals in Seabird Tissue. Current Biology 30: 1-6. 



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Photo by Denny Henry
Our plastic trash found in the stomach of one albatross chick: Oikonos tracks the amount of marine debris eaten by top ocean predators such as seabirds and tunas.