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Sustainable Fisheries

Chilean Fisheries: Pathway to Sustainability

“Fishing for Sardines” by Barbara Eckstein (CC)

Chile has the seventh largest seafood industry in the world (~$4 Billion in exports) and supports well over 100,000 jobs. Starting in 2022, the U.S. will require all international fisheries to comply with the Marine Mammal Protection Act , the same standards set for domestic fisheries. This includes the mandate that harvesting nations implement satisfactory regulatory programs to address marine mammal bycatch, or the incidental capture of non-target species.

To preserve economic stability and its relationship with US markets, Chile will implement bycatch reduction programs to eliminate marine mammal mortality and include sea turtles and marine birds in these new protective measures. The Chilean Government committed to international policy (PAN-AM/Chile) to address seabird bycatch in the longline fishery, and in recent years began working with Oikonos and our peers to create the first National Bycatch Stranding Network.

Oikonos is working with partners to develop protocols for reporting and responding to stranding events nationwide. The effort has an extensive history, including symposiums, international meetings, and a public initiative through the Universidad Catolica del Norte: Red de Varamientos de Aves Marinas (REVAM). The current program will include professional collaborators, organizations, universities, and government agencies whom can produce scientifically rigorous data that is admissible in evaluating national policy and legislation. Together, we will work towards an institutionalized stranding network for Chile’s extensive coastline.

This program is currently under development and will include future workshops, necropsy trainings, and policy meetings.

Follow our pink-footed shearwater tracking studies.


To request more information, please contact Veronica Lopez, Oikonos Program Manager.


Servicio Nacional de Pesca y Agricultura (SERNAPESCA)

Servicio Agricola y Ganadero (SAG)

Armada de Chile

Subsecretaria de Pesca (SUBPESCA)

U.C. Santa Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Oiled Wildlife Care Network



Guide to Stranded Dead Seabirds in Chile

With partners, we are pleased to provide this free updated guide for species identification and standardized data collection of seabirds found dead on beaches in Chile.


Download Guide (PDF, 22MB)